Beauty Nails - Gel Polish


Gel Polish has taken everyone by surprise. We are a family owned business based in Cheltenham, England. Quality and service are our core values. We specialise in gel nails and gel products for home use! We don’t sell other products and offer unsurpassed value and service to our customers!

Why choose the SelfGel home kit?

The SelfGel home kit is specially designed for home users. Included in the Kit are all the products including a 36watt UV Lamp needed to do a gel polish manicure. The kit contains salon quality products and gives a professional finish at a fraction of the price paid in a salon. Also included in the kit is an easy to follow Step-by-step instruction leaflet with pictures, so beautiful nails are now within every woman’s reach.

Want to try our Gel Polish and have beautiful nails for longer? You can purchase our Gel Polish Kit from our online store.

Benefits of SelfGel

  • Gel Polish lasts up to 21 days compare to nail polish that lasts 2-3 days.
  • Cost less than £4.00 per set compare to £25.00 having your nails done in a salon.
  • Support from the SelfGel team.
  • You do your nails in your own time
  • It’s a simple process, easy to apply and no experience required.
  • No solvent evaporation which means the product only sets/cure once the nails are placed into the UV Lamp.
  • Gel Polish can be removed with Gel Remover or you can do an infill with Gel Polish in the re-growth area.

Beauty Nails - This is what some of our customers say about our products and service


(Photo’s of nails: Home application – normal use)

Beauty nails from gel polish

Photograph of Gel nails immediately after application

Beauty Nails - Gel Polish

Photograph of Gel nails 3 weeks later

Gel polish

Gel nails results - The photo above, taken after a few days clearly shows how the nail varnish on the right hand nail is chipping at the base and wearing off on the free edge. The SelfGel Gel Polish on the left however shows no sign of chipping or wear and usually lasts up to 3 weeks!